Tech and gadget guy since boat anchor monitors were the fashion and clock speeds were in mhz. FIrst computer I played with an operating system on was in NTHS, in the Apple IIe lab with three computers behind the typing class. Not keyboarding class, we had IBM electric typewriters, lol. My first computer class was in this Apple lab, and it was called "Business Applications for Micro Computers 1" We did Rbase, and some other fundamental database stuff with creating custom fields. And then were learning the new book keeping software called Lotus 123, which eventually was bought out and became Excel. I'm not sure its a good idea to list this, as I totally feel like a geezer now.

Last fully self part picked and smoked test build was Summer 2001. The build was: AMD Athlon, 3dfx Voodoo (or was it a GeForce, not sure), 256meg SDRAM, 80g hdd, and 21 in IIyama Monitor (boat anchor) if I'm remember right. It was the first one I made with a cut out the cases' side door in my garage, to put see through acrylic in.

It was eighteen freakin' years ago... I've been putting off a self build because the Graphics Cards were more than expensive for a while, and just put me off it.

I like these Ryzen builds I've been seeing, and the prices on them really made it affordable to do again. Had fun with this website, researching and seeing all the builds here as well, it inspired me to go at it again.