About me, I guess.

I secretly repair and upgrade refrigerators. See also: manirellis_fridge.

I'm open for PMs for questions and that type of thing if you're interested.

Wisdom and stuff. Not mine obviously, I'm not smart enough for that lol.

"Avoid PSU tier lists!!! Why you may ask? Here is why you should avoid the ones at Toms and the same goes for the PCMR one since it similar but much older and hasn't been updated in almost 3 years iirc. The LTT isn't as bad but you are using someone else thoughts of someone else thoughts on a PSU, information can easily get jumbled up. Just cut the middle man out and go to a professional review."


Funny comments. (Well, if you understand the context)

Gooberdad's Jipster roast

jipster69 retail (just kidding this link is useless now, don't bother)

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