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Video Card

Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB Video Card

( 4.4 Average / 8 Ratings )




Part #



Black / Orange


PCI-Express x16


GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Memory Size

4 GB

Memory Type


Core Clock

1.29 GHz

Boost Clock

1.43 GHz


75 W



SLI Support


CrossFire Support



172 mm / 6.772"

Supports G-Sync


DVI-D Dual-Link






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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
Dustin Home kr1990.00 +kr59.00 s/h kr2049.00

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divergent0ne 9 points 22 months ago
from completed build Rain Rebuilt 2017

No PCIE required. Whisper quiet and cool. Nice upgrade from a 1GB GPU. Very compatible with previous generation Intel.

ZaydelJmz 8 points 18 months ago
from completed build Salchichita - Mini ITX Build

Perfect to start in the world of PC Gaming, of all, this is the best that adapts to the cost / benefit, allowing you to play all games today with medium and high graphics (comparable to today's consoles) If you want to play on PC without being so demanding for graphics, this is your card.

Lovethecreeper 5 points 14 months ago
from completed build Risen From The Ashes

This card plays most games at1080p High very well. However, the 1 fan on this particular model might be a concern for some, however, the 1050 Ti is a very cool running card and the fan should not spin up at all during normal use. This was the cheapest 1050 Ti they had there, the RX 470/570s were horribly marked-up, and they had no 1060 3GB cards, so this would have been the best option. I got this for $194.99 at Canada Computers

williamj 3 points 7 months ago
from completed build William J

This little card works surprisingly well. I bought this because it was the cheapest that supported Oculus. 1080's were insanely priced in January (still are **** priced). Have been waiting for 1080 prices to drop to a reasonable price range, in the meantime this card has been great.

LAWISON 4 points 6 months ago
from completed build Customer Build 5

You get what you pay for. Obviously is still a great card, but the plastic shroud lets it down. Performs as well as any other GTX 1050Ti at its stock clocks.

I haven't tried any form of overclock as the system isn't for me.

Morrowj 2 points 3 months ago

Looking for value and ability to run 1920x1080. Figured anything much more powerful would bottleneck my budget Core i3-8100 CPU the 1050 Ti strikes a good balance between price and performance.

NicholasSchweiker 7 points 1 month ago
from completed build Bloody Legend

Good graphics card for a budget. Do plan to get a vega navi when they are released. Can play all games at high settings at 1080p 60fps. I have Nvidia fast-sync to eliminate screen tearing.