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Micro Center Bundle Support Added

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philip Nov. 18, 2013

If you are in the US and live close to a Micro Center location, there are some outstanding CPU/Motherboard bundle deals available to you.

I'm happy to announce that we now list Micro Center bundle deals. If you set your merchant preferences and are within a configurable radius of a physical store location, the bundle deals will automatically apply to your part list when it results in a lower overall price. (The deals are quite good, so they almost always apply.)

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shamokee 4 points 66 months ago

Great timing as Microcenter just started a massive deal on 3570k and 4770k today.

lenhed 3 points 66 months ago

hey phil,

correct on the terrific sales event at Micro center. Just stopped in there to start buying parts and came across an Intel Haswell i7-4770K for $200, as well as Norton 360 2014 for 3 pc's at $50.00. Scooped up both. This my first build and I'm nervous as hell about damaging electronic stuff. Also thanks for opening up Amazon premier for us budget minded builders.

joeh4384 5 Builds 1 point 64 months ago

Sigh must have missed that one. Its 279 at my microcenter. If I saw it at 200 i would have to get just for the hell of it lol.

s.a.deter 3 points 65 months ago

Awesome! Thank you so much!

I just checked however and it seems that most of the combo discounts are not applied yet. There is only one Microcenter combo listed here for the 4770k, but if you look online at their catalog pretty much every compatible motherboard gets at least $30 off with purchase of the processor.

sunloverdenver 1 point 66 months ago

Yet another awesome feature you've implemented. :D I'm blessed enough to live near a Micro Center (Denver), and it is the only place in town I trust for tech components when I'm getting above "buy a DVD" level. Thanks, oodles!!

RyneSmith 7 Builds 1 point 66 months ago

Awesome implementation, now I have another reason to go to Microcenter often... thanks PCPartPicker team!

joseph_a_langlais 1 point 66 months ago

Yeah, I just got a good deal on the i5-4670k, Asus Maximus Hero, and Samsumg SSD 250GB at the Denver store!!!

Khraftman 1 point 66 months ago

Microcenter! Y U NO have a store in my area?! T.T Dat $200 4770k...

JPKaizer 1 Build 2 points 66 months ago

I'll buy you one and ship it to you if you want xD

Khraftman 1 point 66 months ago

That would be amazing :O

JPKaizer 1 Build 1 point 66 months ago

but with your money haha...no really, but I just looked right now on MC website and they're sold out of the 4770K T.T

Khraftman 1 point 66 months ago

Well ofc it'd be with my money but then there's the internet trust issue and you know the rest. But... that $200 4770k is such a good deal, and if they're sold out it shows! xD I guess we're going to see quite a few ebay auctions pop up...

JPKaizer 1 Build 1 point 66 months ago

Yeah I know it sucks, but its cool if you have good friends or relatives that live around this type of stores. I'd really be willing to do that for you, but $200 can't be trusted even though there might be good people. Hopefully you get a good deal on ebay though

jinnyjuice 1 point 66 months ago

Hey Philip, can you put distinguishing symbols that separates Newegg deals from Micro Center deals?

Also, Having another column for Prime is just a hassle no? Why not combine the "Combo" column with "Prime" and if that part falls under Newegg combo, golden egg icon could be shown, Micro Center combo could be represented by MC icon, and Prime deal shown by a check mark.

philip staff submitter 10 Builds 2 points 66 months ago

We actually list quite a few combo deals now - Newegg, Micro Center, Superbiiz, and NCIX. We're at a point were we had to make it retailer neutral (we started initially only listing Newegg), and there's enough of them that we can't really do icons for each.

On the prime being another column - it's a hassle? (Could you elaborate?) We've had a ton of prime requests, with many people wanting to be able to see which items are prime eligible. The extra column was a way to quickly show that.

samh52 1 point 66 months ago

I like the updates, if I can make a suggestion can the combo deals be sorted and more/all be able to be viewed at once.

[comment deleted]
ZanDricaPC 1 Build 1 point 66 months ago

Awesome, Philip. Thank god I live near a Microcenter.

Is there any new word for the mobile version of PCPartPicker? Not sure if it's just me, it could be my phone/internet, but it takes a good minute to load up some of the sections on my phone.

MrBigstuph 1 Build 1 point 66 months ago

This is an awesome feature for someone like me, who lives literally ten minutes from Micro Center. However, looking at this site and the Micro Center site, I'm noticing that this isn't showing any of the CPU/motherboard bundles for the AMD FX-6300. On Micro Center's site, there are (currently) three motherboards that - when bundled with AMD FX-6300 - only cost $10 before mail-in rebate. Or is there something else I'm missing?

c9870 1 point 65 months ago

i can not get the Micro Center bundle to work.

AMD A6 6400K and a Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-HD2. It does load the correct un-bundled price, but they will not bundle.

the reason i am thinking that it doesn't work is that your site or Micro Center is listing the item as "out of stock." and because it is OOS your web site will not bundle them.

philip staff submitter 10 Builds 1 point 65 months ago

Since the bundle deals are in-store only, they only show up if you have entered a zip code in your merchant preferences that is within a specified radius of a Micro Center location. That's to prevent those bundle deals from showing up for the 80% of the US that doesn't have nearby access to a Micro Center location. (We do the same thing for price calculations on in-store only part deals as we'll, like their CPU deals.)

qcpwoner2 1 point 65 months ago

I live in canada and I saw all the amazing deals on microcenter.com... I really hate canada now :'(

gr1n 1 point 65 months ago

This is killer timing. I am going to be in the Boston area over the holdidays. Microcenter here I come! Thanks for adding this support!

shaboi_mike 1 point 65 months ago

it would be nice if the tustin store updated their pricing and showed them in stock. it's odd that it says not in stock on their website but after calling the store, they said they had 4770K's in stock and that the discount didnt apply.

I call BS

ArrowheadVenom 1 point 65 months ago

I keep seeing these deals show up as if they apply to me, but I'm absolutely not within 25 miles of a Microcenter location. How come?

XeroSlayer 1 point 65 months ago

The i7-4770k bundles aren't taking of correctly. They are just showing up their normal price and not removing the $20 CPU+mb discount.

mc88dx 2 Builds 1 point 64 months ago

They have a really good return policy. 30 days no hassle.

[comment deleted]
manirelli staff 8 Builds 1 point 65 months ago

Sorry for the late reply. The deal is great because it is in store only.