Started buying my parts at end of December. I wanted something that would last me several years, while able to play modern AAA games on high - max settings. But I also needed to stay around 1500-1700 dollars as that is what I expected to get back from taxes. I decided to stick with a theme of black and red, (I know it's over done) after one of my favorite NPC's and their story from one of my favorite games. I also didn't want any RGB. Just not my taste.

So far, I haven't seen any FPS lower than 100 on Ultra settings. But it could just be the games I've played so far. Tomb Raider run around 120-130 FPS on Ultra and FFXIV dips down to 100 in raids, but majority of time I see around 120-144 FPS which is what I have it capped at in the settings. (Everything is maxed as well) DA: Inquisition is beautiful at max settings and 130-144 FPS. These are the only three I've played so far, and I am excited to see what it can do on other games.

I am also using the PC to work from home. I constantly have a minimum of 3 chrome windows open and multiple tabs in each for research, troubleshooting and/or playing music from YouTube different playlists

Stress tested CPU and memory with Prime95. Temps went up to and held at 83 C. Even with all fans at 100%, the build stayed quiet. Yes it is noticeable but I can hear cars passing outside over the sound of the build.**

Part Reviews


Great processor. Found it for only $25 more than the nonX version. I have it overclocked to 4.26 all cores and has been performing like a champ while working from home and the games I've played so far.

CPU Cooler

Not sure why this isn't more popular. It out performs the Hyper 212 and looks nice as well. The Duo does an even better job, but I got this one as it was $20 cheaper and bought the 2nd fan for only $13. Hey $7 saving is $7 to another component. Stress tested my R3600X with Prime95 (12 workers at high heat - (first radial. (The blend of all tests never brought CPU above 56 C))) and never went above 83 C with this cooler.


It's G.Skill and bdie. Fast as hell and was easily brought to the rated 3200MHz 14 Cas with XMP profile


Samsung will always have the best storage availabe... just at a premium price. But you get what you pay for. Benchmarks showing performance close to that of Gen 4 PCIE storage

Video Card

Great card. Got it on sale for 399.99. Have to adjust fan curve a little so it doesn't ramp up and get too loud. OC'd with MSI Afterburner to +200 Core Clock and +800 to Memory Clock. Haven't seen temps higher than 75 C


Was on sale for only $40 on Newegg when I got it. Otherwise I was going to get a phanteks case. I'm happily surprised with this case. Has good airflow, lots of cable management (comes with 5 velcro ties and lots of twist ties) and all the holes you need for cables. Lots of extra room left over, even with a 330mm graphics card. Space for 6 fans 120mm fans - 4 if using 140mm. Construction is good as well. All steel where it counts and minimal flex.

Power Supply

Great psu. All black cables but stiff as hell. It's an EVGA psu and does the job with an excellent warranty and good service backing it

Case Fan

Excellent fan. Quiet and they perform great. Barely hear anything even when both of these are at 100% on the cpu cooler

Case Fan

Quiet and perform great. Arctic has great fans and at a great price point as well. Hard to find better PWM fans at this price


Holy crap - 1440p and 144hz for only 229.99 USD. Had to play with settings a little bit but the picture quality is great


Good keyboard. Not mechanical but still makes the nice click when keys are pressed. Adjustable colors as well as modes of how the colors are displayed.


Great mouse. Adjustable DPI and nice colors to tell you what setting you're on. Some of the side buttons are just uncomfortable to reach for people with bigger hands.

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  • 2 months ago
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great looking build, although you may have overpaid quite a bit on certain components that could've otherwise gotten you an improved CPU and GPU.

  • 2 months ago
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A lot of the prices on the list are wrong. I havent been able to change them as I didnt see any gear next to the prices to adjust them like other have said there should be. I was able to stay within my budget tho. The total for the entire build was $1687

  • 2 months ago
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you'll need to edit & save the regular part list from the normal System Builder, then select it from the "edit" option on your build page. Nonetheless, great build again and I'm sure you're very happy with it:)

  • 2 months ago
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Thank you :) and also thanks for the help with finding that. I had to go back through all my invoices and changed the prices to what I paid at the time. I did better than I thought.

Yes I am very much enjoying the build. Some say there isn't a noticeable difference between 2.5 SSD and M.2, but I notice the difference between my home PC and my work PC now. Especially after running the debloat script found on Github. I will probably be replacing the included exhaust fan for another Arctic PWM fan. Maybe one of their P12 Silent ones. It's the loudest part of the build after the GPU.