Built this computer just after the new year, for work and rendering. I needed a beefy computer that can render heavy loads and has a lot of power so I decided to go all out. Since it's mostly used for work and rarely gaming I went with AMD as the extra cores are super helpful for workloads. Last computer I had was a stock prebuilt computer so this is my first build.

Part Reviews


What can I say about it, other than the 3950X or Threadrippers it's the best you can get for workloads. I'm not overclocking it but having 12 cores is amazing and it works like a charm.

CPU Cooler

Works wonders with the Lian Li case, the case has room for nine 120mm fans and so fitting this in the case was a breeze. Keeps the CPU cool even under load and the idle temps are good.


Had a very hard time selecting the motherboard for this build. From the research I did going into the build the Ryzen gen 3's and the x570 motherboards have a lot of issues and so picking one to settle with was hard. Had a hard time setting up the bio's in the beginning and had to spend the first day with my computer debugging the bio's. Finally got it set up after a ton of hassle but since then it has worked wonderfully.


64gb of ram turned out to be a little bit of an overkill.


Day 3 after building the comp the SSD was no longer showing up as a bootable drive, returned it just in case and got a new one the same day, no problems since then.

Video Card

The 2080 ti's are amazing! For gaming on the monitors that I have it's total overkill even at max settings, but for handling workloads and renderings its a beautiful thing to see at work.


I had heard only good things about this case, from how great the cooling is to how easy it is to cable manage in such a great designed case. Everything I had heard was true, super easy to get everything into the case and the cooling is phenomenal. Having the power supply on the backside opens up a huge amount of room in the front, also creates a sizable amount of room in the back for good cable management.

Power Supply

850 Watts again is probably a bit overkill but it's a nice solace to have.

Operating System

Should've bought Windows 10 Home.

Wireless Network Adapter

I run it off ethernet now but for the first week I had it set up in a part of the house without an ethernet port. For 20 bucks it was totally worth it.

Case Fan

A hell of a lot cheaper than RGB and just as good performance.


I know it's one of the cheapest monitors around, especially on amazon, but honestly I love the color balance of them and they don't bleed at the edges. For workloads I don't need 1ms response or super high spec monitors so it allowed me to put some more money where it would actually matter.


Had an old one lying around, best gaming mouse.

External Storage

I thought I would never fill up 10 Tb of storage but after transferring everything from my old drives lying around I'm already at 5 Tb. Might need another a whole lot sooner than I thought at this rate.

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  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Congrats on your first build!

From the title I thought it was a rebuild, but it appears all parts are new.

Based on your use case I would have spent more for 16 cores and less on the GPU.


  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, I noticed that was a little misleading, all new build just an upgrade from my old one.

Sixteen cores would be nice yes, but so is gpu rendering :)